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Current Offering

Workshops Designed for Your Team

Develop a Deeper Understanding of Trauma

The content is from a somatic-based lense and focuses on c-PTSD (complex post-traumatic stress disorder) with the aim is to educate on the missing parts of trauma-informed approaches.

A La Carte Workshop Creation

We have developed content that stretches across several layers of trauma and c-PTSD stretching from science to psychology/mindset to somatic practices. You can choose which content is most relevant to your organization or team.

Essential Training for Those Supporting Traumatized Populations

Many organizations providing support for traumatized populations can deepen their level of care with somatic based principles taught in the workshop. We also provide a framework for understanding the mindset of those experiencing c-PTSD and/or are in deep survival states.

Workshop Topics


What's the difference? How do these effect the person? How does healing occur?

C-PTSD Mindset

C-PTSD actually changes the way the brain develops, which changes brain chemistry, memory and more.

The Nervous System + C-PTSD

What happens to the nervous system when c-PTSD is experienced and how to regulate.

Somatic Exercises

Different states of the nervous system require we engage in different ways to help regulate each others nervous systems.

Meera M.

I appreciated the space that was made to field questions from participants that were really specific to
their work. That was so helpful and I think helps make the workshop so adaptable.

Role Play

We practice with actual real-life situations relevant to your organization/team.

Conversation on Resilience, Trauma, and Privilege

These three topics intersect in our world in very interesting ways. This is currently offered as a bonus conversation piece.


What is it? How do we build it?

Your Suggestion

We are always learning and adding, and happy to do the research to present on topics related to c-PTSD. Your suggestions are welcome.

"Super high information-to-word ratio. Serafina has a really great ability to distill information into comprehensive and accessible segments that create a road map of sorts. Great engagement and a good sense of humor!"

Nicholas G.

Image by Nina Strehl

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These tools can change everything. Taught by a person with lived experience of c-PTSD and homelessness there is a unique perspective offered.

If you feel your organization or team would benefit with a workshop, connect now.

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