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The Seraphim Project

Providing Resources for c-PTSD

Who We Are

The Seraphim Project is your go-to place to learn about the experience of homelessness and complex trauma. Serafina combines her lived experiences of homelessness, c-PTSD, science and somatic (body-based) work to create engaging and informative workshops on complex trauma and how to work with trauma inside the body.

Connect now to book a workshop or speaking engagement for your business/non-profit/event. Topics can include: 

- the experience of homelessness

- poverty cycles

- understanding complex trauma

- complex trauma in the workplace

- the power of creating safety in the body

- the power of joy goals

- or suggest your own topic! 


Ways We Vision Helping

Educating the world on the profound impacts of trauma, and helping the unhoused receive the support hey need.


Providing Key Information

Our first initiative is to provide information on trauma and how to regulate the nervous system in bite-sized, relevant and easy to understand language. We've developed a couple of different programs for service providers and those who experience c-PTSD.


Accessible Therapy

Our Second initiative (the dream!) will be to provide access to those who most need trauma informed therapy. Without access it is highly unlikely for those with developmental/c-PTSD to stabilize, heal, and to stop the trauma and poverty cycles.


Teach Therapists

Finding trauma-informed therapists who can work with the complexity and depth of trauma the homeless, at risk homeless and others have is difficult. We want to provide information, tools and training to therapists to make their work safer, more effective, and trauma informed.
We also want to provide a list of therapists trained in complex trauma for those seeking help. 

"Be the change you wish to see in the world."


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