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I've created an online version of my course on c-PTSD and somatics, or body based exercises. This is the material I've been teaching this last year to various organizations. It's expanded - 3.5 hours instead of 2 hours, and hosted on Thinkific!
Check it out here! 

I offer group workshops in-person or on Zoom. My base offering is "Understanding Complext Trauma" - 2 hours filled with key insights for service providers and those working with traumatized populations. This course is great for peers, and anyone who wants to understand the impacts of complex trauma better and learn to support those with complex trauma. Group workshops can be customized for your organization, based on interest, or need. 

Email me to arrange.

Public Speaking

I have been invited to speak about trauma, poverty, and my lived experience in schools and universities, in person and in zoom. I'm happy to discuss opportunities to share my lived experiences and what I've learned in life. These can be customized for the grade level and topic required. Previous topics include: Poverty & the Systems in Place, c-PTSD: top 5 tips for helpers. 

Email me here to arrange.


Great mix of research, professional and lived experience. Extremely valuable to speak about the challenges of treating c-PTSD."


"Serafina was knowledgeable, professional, and polished. I loved the addition of personal examples and anecdotes to help us connect with her and SEE what c-PTSD looks like. Also loved the somatic exercises to ground us and shift out of presentation mode."


"Engaging facilitator and fascinating content."


"Great combination of lived experience with practical exercises and theory. Compassionate and wise."



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