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Current Initiative

Teach About Nervous System Regulation

2.5 Hour Training

We have developed at 2.5 hour in-person or online training for those impacted by c-PTSD by a person with lived experience. We cover what is c-PTSD, how trauma can impact the brain, and accessible tools for daily life. It can be modified and facilitated for a particular organization or it can be done for the public. It comes with a 25 page manual. 

If you are an individual wanting to take the program, stay tuned - we are developing an online program.

Why the Nervous System?

Trauma changes the way our nervous system responds to the world around us. When a person has a healthy and regulated nervous system they can think clearly, make long term decisions and make choices that will be more in alignment with long term health. We will be providing tools that will help clients cultivate experiences of safety (sometimes for the first time), embodiment, and community.

How Can You Help?

We need to reach as many people as possible with the information! Support us by telling others about the project and book a training with us!

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